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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Are Political Parties?
A: Political parties leverage your opinions in government. The political party’s each maintain platforms which identify values of the party members. They are NOT a part of the government. You are allowed to choose a party that most closely represents your views and values.
The Role of Political Parties
  • Political parties select candidates for elected positions and help them run for office. The party’s “label” help the voters select officials. Without this “label”, most voters would be overwhelmed by the number of candiates, offices, etc.  Some voters simply select all candidates of a specific party when voting.
  • Political parties have a stand on issues.  They publicize their position to help inform citizens on important issues during an election cycle.
Q: What Is A Caucus?

A: A caucus is a meeting of registered voters within the same Precinct &  political party.

In Colorado, the process of nominating candidates begins with precinct caucuses.

Q: Who May Participate In A Major Party Caucus?
A: All voters who are registered with a major party may participate in a caucus, as long as:
  • They are a resident of the precinct for at least 30 days.
  •  They have registered to vote no later than 29 days before the caucus is to occur.
  •  They are affiliated with the party holding the caucus for at least 2 months prior to  the event
Q: What Are Precinct Committee Persons / Leaders?

A: Grassroots representatives of a local political party and represents of the party can be committee persons or leaders in their precinct. These representatives attend meetings of the County Party Central Committee, and help spread the party’s message and stand. These representatives are elected leaders, coordinators, and point of contact within their neighborhood precinct.

Q: What Is A Precinct?
A: A precinct is a low-level division of the United States government.
You can locate your precinct  at www.GoVoteColorado.com
  1. Go to My Registration and select Manage My Registration.
  2. Enter your personal information and select Search.
  3. Scroll down to find your precinct number.
Q: What Happens At A Precinct Caucus?
A: During a precinct caucus, the following agenda will usually be followed:
  • Elect a chairman and secretary to run the meeting.
  • Vote in a straw poll for President, Governor or U.S. Senate
  • Elect two precinct committee people who will serve as officers and help coordinate voter registration for the next two years.
  • Elect delegates and alternate delegates.
  • Discuss/approve/reject party resolutions.
Q: What is a Straw Poll?
A: A straw poll is an unofficial poll taken to obtain information about the pulse of what people are feeling about political issues.
Q: Why Should I Be Involved?

A: Political parties provide choice to voters. Political parties allow for personal beliefs to be brought into public focus. By being a part of a political party YOU have a say in how our government operates.  Christians must participate to defend our values of life, marriage, family and religious freedom.  If our Christian values are not supported and defended by a political party, it will be extremely difficult to further and defend our beliefs in both state and federal government.

Q: How Do Parties Help Me Participate In Government?
A: Political parties allow your voice to be heard by grouping you with like-minded people.  This gives one voice more weight and influence than would have been possible independent of this affiliation. Political parties are a tool that can be used to leverage Christian values in our government.
Q: What Is The Purpose Of A Caucus?
A: Caucus attendees those who will be responsible for organizing political events for their precinct. They also elect delegates and alternates to represent their precinct at the party’s assemblies and/or conventions. These caucus-elected delegates will vote in  party assemblies/conventions. This is very important because it designates partisan candidates for the primary elections for U.S. Congress, the State Legislature, and other district and county offices.
Delegates to State and Congressional district assemblies/conventions also vote for delegates to national conventions and party platforms.
Q: When Are Precinct Caucuses Held?

A: Precinct caucuses are held the first Tuesday in March except when in a presidential election year,  then each major political party may choose to conduct caucuses on the first Tuesday in February.

Q: Why Is This Process Important?
A: This process provides you, as a voter,  the opportunity to make a difference in the choice of your government representation.
Ready to make a difference?
Prepare for Caucus Night
I. Learn your precinct number.
  1. Under My Registration, select manage my registration.
  2. Enter your information and select search to obtain your results.
  3. Scroll down to line 11 to find your precinct number.
II. Learn your caucus location
Republicans can go to: www.cologop.org.
Democrats can go to: www.coloradodems.org
American Constitution Party: www.americanconstitutionparty.com
III. Identify and invite neighbors to attend your caucus
To find out more information please contact Colorado Family Action
or you can call the Colorado Secretary of State Elections Division at 303-869-4938